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"As my patient you will always come first."

Within cardiology my most important areas of interest are:
- Clinical cardiology: inpatient ward, outpatient clinics (especially heart failure and
- Cardiac imaging: both basic transthoracic echocardiography, transesophageal and advanced cardiac MRI and cardiac CT.

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Work Experience

6/23 – Present: Consultant at Xánit Internantional Hospital Benalmádena, Spain


7/23 - Present: Consultant at Costa del Sol Marbella, Spain


5/17 - 4/23: The Malaga Regional University Hospital Malaga, Spain

Cardiology residency

External rotations:

9/22 - 10/22: Vall d'Hebron Hospital Barcelona, SpainRotation in Advanced Imaging and Familial Cardiopathies (Dr. Rguez Palomares and Dr. Limeres.)

2/21 - 03/21: San Cecilio Hospital Granada, SpainRotation in advanced echocardiodiography and cardiactomography (CT) (Dr Segura)

10/19 - 11/19 Rotation in Critic Cardiac Care Unit, Macarena Hospital Seville (Dr Gª Rubira)

Professional Recognition's and Honors

Spanish Society of Cardiology Congress.
- Influence of the type of intervention on aortic recoarctation and the development of
arterial hypertension. 2019
- Pulmonary valve dynamics after correction of tetralogy of Fallot. 2021
- Cardiovascular risk and long-term events in a real-life cohort with coronary events
undergoing cardiac rehabilitation. 2022

Andalusian Congress of Residents.
- New evidence in antithrombotic treatment in acute coronary syndrome and atrial
fibrillation. 2019
- Role of Cardio-MRI in patients with suspected cardiomyopathy. 2022
- Management of lipid disease in secondary prevention. 2023


Catholic University of Murcia
- Master in cardiac imaging diagnosis 2021-2023.
- Masters Degree in Clinical Cardiology 2019-2020
- Expert in cardiovascular disease and heart failure 2018-2019.

San Antonio Catholic University:
- Expert in Clinical Application of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2020-2021

University of Alcalá
- Masters degree in clinical reasoning and practice 2017-2018

University of Granada
- Graduate in Medicine 2011-2017

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